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We’ve been where you are... We know what its like to be told, “You need a transplant.”

We know what its like to wait and we know what its like when the wait is over. 
The life ahead of you can be wonderful. And we would like to sh
are our perspective with you...

Heart, Kidney, Liver, and Lung 


Alejandro Mata

Heart Transplant - 07/2007

My name is Alejandro Mata and I am from Venezuela (South America). In September 2005...


Glynn Paul Broussard

Heart Transplant - 02/2012

My name is Glynn Paul Broussard. I was born on April 5, 1958, 54 years ago, in Abbeville, Louisiana. After graduating


John H Guidry

Heart Transplant - 05/2000

In the fall of 1997, I began to experience dizziness. After being evaluated by my primary care ...


Kathy Prentice

Kidney Transplant - 12/2018

My name is Kathy Prentice I was born with one kidney


Kim Fingerlin Coulter

Heart Transplant - 11/2012

I knew my Grandmother passed from heart disease. I knew my mother suffered from heart disease.


Mike Norton

Heart Transplant - 11/2016

“My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys”


Peter Dodd

Heart Transplant - 11/2011

One beautiful afternoon in April of 1999, I was out doing my routine 6-mile run


Shawn Galloway

Heart Transplant - 09/2011

On Sept. 20, 2011, 39-year-old Shawn Galloway was given new life


Brandy Parker

Heart Transplant -07/2011

My name is Brandy Parker, and I was diagnosed with Restrictive Cardiomyopathy in August of 2008.


James 'Jim' Milton Gibson

Heart Transplant- 09/1996

I have lived in the Greater Houston Area since ‘67. I moved here from Washington ...


John Price

Heart Transplant - 09/1995

I had heart problems most of my adult life. My first documented heart attack was at age 28 ...


Kathy Prentice - Kidney Warrior

Kidney Transplant - Dec 5, 2018

In 1987 I was pregnant with my second daughter, my obstetrician told me she will be unable to care for me and referred me to a specialist who she felt will be better able to handle my pregnancy.


Linda Statts

Heart Transplant - 02/2002

I have always been a very active, work-a-holic type of a person, very health conscience...


Morris Claing

Heart Transplant - 10/2009

At the age of 56 and the Day of October 21, 2009, I had a Heart Transplant.


Randy Creech

Heart Transplant - 07/1990

Little did I know that a routine physical


Violet Brabham

Heart Transplant - 10/2007

I never suspected that my heart was bad and I had never known


Charlotte Judd

Heart Transplant - 02/2007

My story begins at age 3 months when I was diagnosed with congenital cardiomyopathy.


John Downs

Heart Transplant - 05/1989

1989: A Whirlwind Year or the Transplant Journey of John Downs


Kathryn Gentry

Heart Transplant - 05/2009

In 1966 I was diagnosed with Congenital Mitral Stenosis by Dr. Robert Leachman. I had ...


Kevin Spencer

Heart Transplant - 09-1992 & 03/2011

Kevin‘s parents were told when he was five that he most likely wouldn’t live to see 12,


Mary Ross

Heart Transplant - 08/1999

When I was twelve, I went to a church festival and spent a quarter to have a gypsy read...


Nigeria Evans

Heart Transplant - 12/2009

I, Nigeria Evans received my heart transplant on December 22, 2009 and I am blessed


Rebecca Holder

Heart/Double Lung Transplant - 10/1999

I was born with cyanotic congenital heart disease,ASD, VSD, transposition of the great vessels, and pulmonary stenosis.

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