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Kathy Prentice

Kidney Transplant - 12/2018

My name is Kathy Prentice I was born with one kidney and over the years my kidney started showing signs of deterioration. In 2017 my nephrologist eventually suggested that I start the process to be placed on the transplant list and also attend the dialysis classes.

I attended the dialysis classes but I always told myself that dialysis was not for me because of its limitations. By now my kidney was only functioning at 9% and my nephrologist suggested that I find a living donor since it will take several years to get a deceased donor because there are thousands of people on the list.

It was decided that my husband will get tested to be my donor, unfortunately he was not a match, so my older daughter, Ayesha decided she will get tested, although I did not agree with her decision. Fortunately, for me she was a match. I know that it was God who directed her to make this great sacrifice, so on December 5, 2018 I had my transplant.

I would like to thank Dr. Christine O’Mahony and her surgical team, and the nurses at St. Luke’s who took excellent care of me while I was in the hospital. My care team was compassionate, caring, and patient.


I thank God for giving me a selfless daughter who was willing to sacrifice her life to save mine. We also want to thank Nancy Jimenez and the Church Hospital Ministry for their prayers and for sending Rosalie Brockman to visit with us at the hospital.

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