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Morris Claing

Heart Transplant - 10/2009

My name is Morris Claing, where do I begin? At the age of 56 and the Day of October 21, 2009, I had a Heart Transplant.

I had a very bad heart beginning as a Very Small Child. Doctors believe it was from maybe Strep throat or some other viral disease they didn't know that much about back in those days that damaged my heart.

I had never been a Drinker, Smoker OR Drug user and never had any heart attacks or clogged arteries. Just a weak heart that eventually turned into Congestive Heart Failure..As time went by it continually got worse.

I was finally put on a Primacore/Dobutamine Pump which I used for almost 2 years.Then a Swan was inserted into my neck to measure pressures in the chambers of my heart and administer necessary drugs that would hopefully hold me over until I was able to receive a donor heart. What a difference a good heart makes..I never knew what it was like to be able to walk very far without running out of air. I can remember as a boy in school trying to run track and never making it very far without falling to the ground trying to catch my breath.

Most of the kids hated me since the coaches thought I was just being lazy and would make them run extra laps to make up for what I was not physically able to do. I now feel better than I have in my entire life. My thanks to the Good Lord above, for the Lord giving the Doctors the knowledge to pre form such an operation AND to the donor and His family for the "GIFT OF LIFE" they have given me.


...Without wonderful people such as those that donate their organs after expiring, I would not be writing this short biography on myself today. There is No Way I could ever thank that family enough. I am now the Grateful owner of this very special Heart and will CHERISH it each and everyday of my remaining life.

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