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Nigeria Evans

Heart Transplant - 12/2009

I, Nigeria Evans received my heart transplant on December 22, 2009 and I am blessed by the grace of God, the doctors at St. Lukes Hospital, and the prayers of my family. I came a long way from being very sick and I flat lined (died), had 5 heart-attacks and a stroke on the same day in the year of 2006. I was told I didn't know my mother after I had my L-Vad surgery. The L-VAD saved my life before I got my transplanted heart.

I had some trials and tribulations in my young life, especially from my marriage, I was married the wrong man, and worked long hours.I didn't take into consideration of how much damage and stress I was putting on my heart.

The lack of sleep and partying at all hours trying to keep my ex husband happy which was contributing to my unhealthy heart and unhappy heart. That enlarged my heart. I could not take but a few steps, I was very weak and short of breathe. By being so weak all the time I quit my job and went to see doctors before coming to St. Luke’s Hospital. I was only told to take blood pressure medicine and (fluid pills) to lose weight but when coming to St. Luke's I found out that I had fluid all throughout my body due to my heart not pumping like it should because it was so large. I wasn't getting any better three month later, so my marriage fell apart, no support from my ex, but my parents came to my rescue.

My parents brought me to St Luke's Hospital where I began to feel better with treatments of medications. Dr. Frazier cut and reshaped my heart, my heart was still pumping at 40%, the only change to survive was to receive a heart, but before my transplant an LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) was a implanted. I had the LVAD for 2 1/2 years. Now during that time my divorce becomes final. I began to remember, I felt better and heading towards my recovery to a healthy life, and the support of my family was outstanding.


...I never forget to thank the doctors; Kar, Frazier, Delgado and Hariharan for all the special care, love and treatments they gave to me. The nurses all were kind and beautiful they took care of me like I was their baby. The heart coordinator, Ms. Deborah, the social worker Ms.Paula and the entire heart cardio team are sent from heaven as my angels. Now in 2012 I feel great, look great, happy and now I'm a volunteer at St. Lukes in the Auxiliary and Heart Exchange Support Group.

I will never forget the person who donated his heart so I may live; I hope to live up to who he was and cherish life.

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