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Terry's Healthy Recipes...

Healthy eating for a transplant patient -sharing experiences  

I would like to introduce Heart Exchange Support Group Member, Terry Smith Wright. Terry is a heart transplant receipient. Terry has been providing a recipe every other Week to us for the past few months.


As we all know, waiting for a transplant or being a transplant recipient requires maintaining a healthy diet.  And, if you have a transplant healthy recipe, please submit it to Terry. We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Helpful Links... 

Below is a list of links to some webpages that may be of help to you  

Thank you for your interest in saving lives!​  Becoming a registered donor means you agree to donate your organs, eyes and tissues to others after death. Registering puts the decision to donate in your hands since the consent you record here cannot be overturned by others.  It also means that your family and loved ones will not have to decide for you, wondering what you “would have wanted,” should something sudden and tragic occur.

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